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Friday, May 9, 2014

The start of the NFL Draft weekend has reminded me of some of the more interesting questions and comments that I have been asked by clients and their families as they wait to "live the dream." Lets review a few of those:

1. Why did I not get drafted in the first round? My brother said I should have.
2. Do they give me my signing bonus in a big bag of money? 
3. My friend's dad's brother's stepson told me I would be drafted in the 4th round by the Colts. I went to the Raiders instead. What in the hell happened?
4. Can I have a draft party? 
5. Now that I signed a post-Draft free agent contract with a $500 signing bonus should I go buy a house?
6. That other agent told me my son would get's your fault he was not.
7. Can I bring my girlfriend to training camp?
8. My parents thought I would be drafted in the second round by Houston, my dad already quit his job. Will you hire my dad? 
9. Can't I just show up at an NFL camp and try to walk on? 
10. I love the Steelers. Can't we call them and ask them to draft me?
11. Now that I've been drafted, my girlfriend wants to get married. Should I?
12. My cousin asked me to lend him some of my signing bonus money so [pick one]: (i) he can open a recording studio, or (ii) he can open a car wash, or (iii) he can get a new tattoo, or (iv) he can just hang out and 'be the man.'
13. How soon before I get to do commercials with Peyton Manning?
14. Can you call Nike and see if they will give me an endorsement deal?
15. What is the Canadian Football League?
16. [Insert Name of any other player that was drafted instead of your guy]? [Name] was drafted?!! Seriously?!! He sucks
17. I have some negotiating experience from my job at the tire store. I want to help you negotiate my brother's contract. 
18. Can you call the head coach at the [pick any NFL team] and tell them I am a really good player and that if they invite me to camp I will make the team?
19. I just blew out my knee playing basketball after the Draft. Do we have to tell the team that just drafted me?
20. What do you mean I have to pay you?